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the ones you really need WeAreKBOO.FM

TaborSpace  Theatre of the Air[TM]
the  Mighty Wurlitzer  of mosaic capers
net streamed live on WeAreKBOO.FM
2-4pm Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th 2011


WeAreKBOO.FM meetup

7pm  Monday  April 11th 2001
TaborSpace    5441 SE Belmont
503 231 8187

Please join the Strategic Planning Committee of KBOO Community Radio on April 11th at 7pm at Tabor Space, 5441 SE Belmont, inside the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church. We are asking for feedback on our Strategic Planning Process. We'll be sharing with you what we've accomplished so far to help ensure KBOO's future in this changing media and cultural landscape. We have been working on organizational issues, funding strategies, and developing new trainings, programming, and supporting what we have been successful at for the past 41 years while looking ahead to the future of media and broadcasting. 

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KBOO.INFO : Leuren Moret with Sue Supriano on KBOO 90.7 FM

Leuren Moret speaks Portland  Sat-Sun April 9-10th 

Political Perspectives on 04/06/11

Air date: 
 Wed, 04/06/2011 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Short Description: 
 Scientist Leuren Moret on nuclear radiation
Host Sue Supriano speaks with Leuren Moret, a geoscientist who has worked around the world on radiation issues, educating citizens, the media, members of parliaments and Congress and other officials. She formerly worked at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab where she became a "whistleblower" some years ago. They will discuss radiation issues in light of the recent damaged Fukushima reactors in Japan including matters such as HAARP (The High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program)  
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Bios  background  honors  details  PDF  Moret and Marbet

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KBOO.INFO : cultural entrapment yields sucking sound

from blip.tvStarsuckers is the most controversial documentary of the year... It's a darkly humourous and shocking exposé of the celebrity-obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it.