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Portland Oregon based James Evan Pilato : MediaMonarchy.com : LIVE two hour weekly on Fridays 10am Pacific on ZeroPointRadio.com and James Corbett : CorbettReport.com : one hour weekly podcast Sundays : in partnership for weekly NewWorldNextWeek.com joint fifteen minute video bulletin on Thursdays : plus Corbett Report Radio LIVE one hour Monday through Friday evenings 9pm Pacific on RepublicBroadcasting.org and archived commercial free at CorbettReport.com

Clyde Lewis, free thinking guests and listeners calling-in : GroundZeroMedia.org LIVE on KXL 101.1 fm Portland Oregon Monday through Saturday 9pm to midnight Pacific : probes deep politics, holy hexes, extraterrestrial affairs, and findings and redaction by official science mandarins

Cris Andreae and distinguished guests : Air Cascadia LIVE and Pacifica Flashpoints on KBOO 90.7 fm Portland Oregon Monday through Friday 10am : sometimes described as mutiny on the airwaves with reports of shattered scours

Other essential alternative media for Cascadia's Public Citizens

Michael Rivero website WhatReallyHappened.com supporting live radio broadcast Monday through Friday 11am-1pm Pacific archived on RBN

Stephen Lendman Progressive News Interview Hour twice a week live and archived on ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com

Webster Tarpley live Saturday 11am-1pm Pacific on gcnlive.com and archived commercial free at Tarpley.net

And if you are okay with top notch research and analysis coupled with some ideological rigidity, laced with commercials and the occasional rant

Alex Jones acclaimed web radio offerings Monday through Friday 9am-noon Pacific on Infowars.com and archived on gcnlive.com

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