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circa dec 18th 2010 : "His settlement offer is that we admit we're a bunch of lying scum and put him on the board, our settlement offer is that he lies down in an open grave and we cover it with a compostable material."  
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Hi you two!  I didn't remember exactly if we were gonna circulate the notes amongst ourselves first and then share them with the gangstas, or what, so I'm only sending them to us right now just to be safe.  I noticed that I didn't write down that much from John and Glen---do I have a female bias?! ( :( ) ???----I don't know, but if you think of anything I missed and should add, please let me know....

Also, I'm sorry I'm getting them out so late---I tried but hope to do better next time--

It was a blast meeting with y'all, and I look forward to the next time!!

alQaebu90.7 Meeting

7pm, Thursday, June 2, 2011
Attendees:  Glen, Maire, Yvette, John (came in after 8pm)

Going into this summer, we're set up favorably due to Kellor's seeming imminent burning out.  Kellor's on a lot of committees, and some she just signed up for coz Maire's on them.  Both she and Ani have stated that they're planning on "taking time off," going to festivals, etc., this summer.  Plus, Becky's term is up this fall, and we don't think she'll run again.  Plus, we have the elections, and Michael's ON the board, so that'll keep them busy.

Maire said to watch out for Geller's handling of the membership list, and that we should protect ourself against his "mis-management" with iron-clad petition signers, etc.

Yvette said the election candidates should have a say in how the elections are designed, for example, if the candidates want to ask questions of each other during the on-air forums, they should be able to.  (Instead of just Ani designing the questions..)

Maire said that we really need a policy which best assures that the radical, edgy, unpopular, controversial voices are fully heard and respected as much as any other voice.

Yvette said that BOO website bloggers shouldn't be censored for political reasons.

Since a lot happens in the committee meetings, Maire suggested that we use conference calling for committee meetings, so that the banished people get a chance to participate.  Yvette said she didn't think it would work coz it would be too easy for the face to face committee members to treat the banished people like unwanted calls on shows, and to covertly signal the group to reject the banished person's ideas.

We agreed it would be useful to sabotage the pledge drive, although it wasn't determined whether we would make it obvious, or "accidental."

Yvette suggested we make the BOO mainstreamers own and fight this battle as stakeholders to make KBOO a hi-fidelity house.

John said he would take it upon himself to put the information about Michael's lawsuit onkboo.info.

Maire said we should recruit the sleepers:  people we know who don't necessarily want to be on the board, but will run anyway just to build momentum and verbalize through candidate's statements and on-air forums, etc., what is wrong with KBOO and what we want it to look like instead.

Maire said we should wear our villainy like a crown and be proud of being the BOO underclass.  She liked the idea of "No more sweeping dirt under the rug!" as a logo.

We decided that we wouldn't have an official giant membership meeting done through the staff and board.  We would have the meeting "underground," as it's already been done in the past.  We like the idea of connecting Portland and Corvallis meetings via conference calls--

Yvette said we should send this message to the mainstreamers:  "KBOO needs to bring in more revenue.  To do that, we should expand and improve upon our broadcast (which we can do by three-fold [?])....and to do that, we need a volunteer coordinator who is really on board with the task......which means a new volunteer coordinator....I.E. wake up BOO mainstreamers, if you want more money/financial stability, get a different program/person dealing with the volunteers...."

Yvette said that having a primarily positive message/brand about ourselves, etc., will get the job done (of selling our policy ideas to the BOO voters).  Maire said that it's important to speak the whole truth, including reminding of the bad stuff that's happened and is happening.  It was decided to do both at the same time, tell the BOO voters what we want, and what we don't want.

Yvette said that at the next meeting we can talk more about sending out regular digestible (understandable) information dispatches somewhere in cyberspace.  Then we can also work out a backwards timeline for our deadlines.



1) Ask board to vote on assuring that any new-hire engineers have an FCC General Radio-Telephone License, and/or a Society of Broadcast Engineers Certificate.  The reason for this (as per John):  to assure the minimum baseline requirements.

2) Ask, at the next board meeting, what ever happened to the main STL transmitter?  (The main one malfunctioned, so Tommy Hollywood switched it to the backup, and we don't know if the main one was ever actually fixed..)

3) Ask Kurt about the Pendleton translator---do we have a written contract on its sale???

4) Find out what the governance committee is cooking up in terms of bylaw proposals, policy changes, etc.

5) Find out about the anti-Michael/anti-lawsuit propaganda put out by Chris on the volunteer listserve.  Ask Scott if he can find that out?

6) Have a tete-a-tete with Michael to get on the same page about the next board meeting.  Ideas to start with:  ask Michael to make requests for past missed meeting minutes from:  A) board meetings, B) committee meetings, C) staff meetings, D) staff management meetings, E) strategic planning meetings, and F) board email discussions.

(Yvette said that we must protect Michael's position by stressing that he needs the above information ultimately "in order to do what's best for KBOO.")

7) Ask the board to unban the board banees, i.e., the people that the board banned, not the people that the staff banned.  This is necessary in order for Michael to do a good job as board member.


Get the lawsuit information from Michael and put it up on kboo.info.


1) Continue talking to the "middle" people who are not "us," but who are ready for a change nonetheless.

2) Craft an agenda for the giant meeting.

3) Craft a proposal for a giant, unmoderated listserve.

4) Type up the minutes and distribute them.


Continue maintaining the kboo blogspot websites, and make sure that John's info about the lawsuit is entered/presented as best it can be.