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On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 10:28 PM, MichaelP <papadop@peak.org> wrote:
       youth@kboo.org; Erin Yanke
is listed as STAFF - Youth Coordinator

Is she paid ?

The current Directors are:

1:       lsowa@earthlink.net  LOUIS
2;      soundboxpdx@gmail.com;  DEENA
3:      uncle_eb@yahoo.com; ERIN
4:      becky@herfingertips.com; CHIAO
5;      omahkohkiaayo@hotmail.com; CRAVEN
6;      radiofreeireland@irishnation.com;  CULLEN
7:      marty@soehrman.com  SOEHRMANN
8;      arielle3@yahoo.com;  JUDY
9;      Kurt.Lauer@comcast.net;  LAUER
10:     nia_lewis14@yahoo.com; NIA
11:     ivonnerivero@hotmail.com; RIVERA

Slots  #1, #2 and #11 will be vacated at the end of September.

Slot #12 has been vacant since Joe resigned

All 4 vacancies were filled by election yesterday

 One Board member will need to resign or be removed without cause by vote of the members when/if I win the current case. KBOO has a problem - of the eight holdover directors Nia, Craven and Lauer were appointed by directors and all the rest were elected by member vote.

I wonder who is the most likely director to be sacrificed ?