WeAreKBOO.FM | this way out

Rising from the frisson of kboo.fm members' plebiscite of Sept 19th 2010,  a sketch of an internet framework has developed for expanding, enriching and integrating media and community in Cascadia and beyond

The welter of domains and archival media now loosely associated with kboo.info is just a beginning

The network for channeling these new opportunities for public participation
has yet to be identified, defined, structured and delivered

To date the project team for kboo.info has self-identified as "Whistleblowers", "Director/s Elect", "Challengers", "Reform Candidates", "KBOO ELECTION Committee", "Bespoke Troublemakers", "Strike Up The Banned" and "AlQaebu 90.7"

So : how will we grow what we've got into what Cascadia needs and wants?


 KBOO.INFO : the burden of left gated community

LOVE  POLICE : fostering community through intimidation
Love Police assure effortless peace of mind