May is gonna be one busy month.  Starting with Mayday (the 1st), there will be marches, actions, occupations and more.  Later in the month there will be a mass mobilization in Chicago.  That's why we've drawn up this list of public events we are aware of--for and leading up to Mayday and the anti-NATO mobilization.

Don't forget to bring yourself and your friends to MayPop and the Medic Meetup for the large Mayday Coalition March that happens annually. These are the only two events Rosehips are organizing.  To answer questions about everything else, please attend the Spokescouncil (see below) and visit the included links.

 Spokescouncil Sat, 4/28 11am, First Unitarian Church, Rm B201

"The LAST May Day SpokesCouncil meeting. Everyone and anyone who is doing any action, event, or autonomous thing on MayDay -- come and coordinate; there is strength in solidarity"

MayPop (Rosehip Event!) Mon, 4/30: 6-9 pm -- at Black Oak Botanicals (4934 NE 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211)
    *For queer and/or trans folks + friends and allies
    *Explore specific and general concerns about participating in Mayday marches, reclamations and mobilizations.
    *Make a plan with experienced street medics from the queer and trans community who will be there to answer your questions about legal/jail support plans,
          specific medical or personal concerns, and local resources.
    *Get free and sliding scale treatments from care practitioners including bodyworkers, acupuncturists, and herbalists.


STUDENT STRIKE  -- 7:30am at 501 North Dixon Street (PPS Headquarters)
Students on Strike is the beginning of a student led campaign against budget cuts and the falling quality of our schools. Rally at PPS Headquarters and nonviolently shutdown work; this action is building towards the May 11th mass demonstration at Pioneer Square currently being organized by Teachers, Parents and Students.

PORTLAND LIBERATION ORGANIZING COUNCIL (PLOC), "OCCUPY NE!"  --  9 a.m. Woodlawn Park (at NE Dekum Street)   
Land liberation with PLOC and friends! Show up ready to reclaim land as part of a community resistance event and have fun at a block party.  Text @ploc-openrrn to 23559 to join our Rapid Response Network and stay up-to-date on further developments: 

MAYDAY GENERAL STRIKE MARCH  -- 11:30 Rally; March @ 12:30;   Assemble under the Westside Burnside Bridge
An unpermitted event in name of "Portland General Strike,...Friendly to otherwise unfriendly tactics" 

MAYDAY COALITION RALLY & MARCH -- This will be the traditional large, 'family-friendly', permitted and legal event
3:30 - 4 pm Medic Meet-Up (SW Park & Madison, by the Horse statue) Come mix and meet other street medics to prepare for the march!
2:30  Tabling at the park
3:30  Permitted Rally begins.
4:30 Permitted March begins.

Celebrate May Day and liberate a building. Assemble in South Park Blocks immediately following the permitted march, stay in the South Park Blocks to eat together before marching to liberate a space. Plans are still being discussed.

ANTI-NATO PDX CONVERGENCE - May 9th-12th, times and locations TBA

This mini-convergence will serve to prepare people going to the NATO summit in Chicago on a variety of topics.  Stay tuned. 
NATO Conference & Demonstrations -- May 20th-21st