Friday, September 10, 2010

where is audio of candidates' forums on kboo official website?

not to mention whatever kboo old regime is foisting on us as "debate" on byaws from thursday evening sep 9th ...

it would appear that maybe, just this once, kboo news failed to cook perfectly every time

thanks to all ---especially have made kboo's cprPDXkboo TwentyFourSeven podcast archive possible, from Aug 1st 2009 to the present

that archive is what has made it possible to retrieve this year's candidates' forum and bylaws "debate" for presentation here by noon sunday sept 12th 2010

there will also be some kind of update on counter proposals for bylaw amendment spearheaded by board member elect michael papadopolous

if old regime had allowed michael papadopolous to take the seat that the membership awarded him in 2009, might never have needed to happen

~glen owen~

ps : jim craven deserves an individual posting for his extraordinary courage in defying orders from the old regime to shut the fuck up

i am told by one of the other original whistleblower candidates that kboo old regime cancelled jim's longstanding kboo program instantly without warning to punish him for his defiance.  in my opinion, i do not have quite enough hard evidence yet to state that as a fact ... but i'm getting there

there is a specific other candidate, not of the original whistleblowers, that I would dearly love to endorse  

but for reasons i stated in candidate forum tue eve i think that candidate's chances of election are better if i do not


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  1. Question: Why don't you just start your own radio station if it is that important to you? It is very easy to create on online station these days. Or is it much easier to destroy rather than to create?