Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Travelogue from Terrorland: 

Journalist and Political Prisoner Susan Lindauer

program:  Air Cascadia
program date:  Thu, 01/13/2011
After over a decade as a U.S intelligence asset, Susan Lindauer was privy to information about pre war Iraq that threatened to serve up a huge embarrassment to the Bush-Cheney regime. She hand delivered a letter to senior Bush administration officials in hopes of averting what she predicted would be the inevitably tragic 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Those officials, unnamed in the indictment, were her second cousin, then White House chief of staff Andy Card, and Colin Powell.
 “Above all, you must realize that if you go ahead with this invasion, Osama bin Laden will triumph, rising from his grave or seclusion. His network will be swollen with fresh recruits, and other charismatic individuals will seek to build upon his model, multiplying those networks. And the United States will have delivered the death blow to itself. Using your own act of war, Osama and his cohort will irrevocably divide the hearts and minds of the Arab Street from moderate governments in Islamic countries that have been holding back the tide. Power to the people, what we call “democracy,” will secure the rise of fundamentalists.”  Susan Lindauer’s last letter to Andrew Card, January 6th 2003
She was promptly arrested and incarcerated at a military prison in Texas.  She was threatened with forced administration of psychotropic tranquilizer, Haldol.  The government did its damnedest to prevent her from testifying and attempted to discredit her statements.  But Susan Lindauer survived to tell it all in her book, ‘Extreme Prejudice”.
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