Tuesday, April 24, 2012

c p b | immodest proposal

Let's face it : we all know somebody who has held their nose and registered Republican this month for the sole purpose of voting for Ron Paul in the Oregon party's closed primary May 15th.   For those interested, every voter still has the option to do this until 4:59 pm today Tuesday April 24th 2012.  No mystery there.

Come the vortex
Wednesday May 16th 2012 is on the way. No matter what party the "a-paul-ing zealots" switched from on or before April 24th, each such tactical voter will knowingly or unknowingly face the question of where to stick their party loyalty after the "current crisis of psephology" is past.

 . . . more to come . . .
(anybody who sees this screed can write a 'more to come' as a comment on this very blog)

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