Wednesday, October 19, 2011

federal occupation | systematized poverty cheaper than profitable prisons

Portland Poverty Awareness March Fri. Oct. 21 11:30AM

Occupy Portland is the 99%. The 99% that are choosing to occupy are doing so for many reasons, including the financial stability to do so. Some are occupying because they have no where else to go. We are all the 99%. Through the generosity of Occupy Portland supporters we have been able to feed and shelter many of those most affected by greed. Occupy Portland, with increased media coverage, has been able to bring forth to the light the severe lack of funds and care available to those most vulnerable in our society.

Show your support and solidarity for the unhoused and marginalized by coming out to MARCH with us.
Friday, Oct. 21 at 11:30 AM.

The march begins at Lownsdale Square in front of the memorial statue. It makes a pit-stop at Pioneer Square at noon for a rally, and from there the march continues through the Pearl District and returns to Occupy Portland Base Camp. We encourage all who wish to express their voice on the effects of poverty to come and be heard.

If you have any questions, leave them at the Peace and Safety booth at Occupy Portland and an organizer will get back to you.

Route Map coming soon.

***This march is endorsed by the Peace and Safety Team of Occupy Portland***

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