Tuesday, October 11, 2011

peaceful green | MALIK RAHIM speaks portland oregon 7-9pm TUE OCT 18th 2011

Without this man the face of post Katrina New Orleans would be even bleaker

M A L I K   R A H I M   personal appearance at Eliot Chapel meeting space at First Unitarian Portland Oregon corner SW 12th Avenue at Salmon Street downtown 7-9pm Tue Oct 18th 2011

This is turning into an event that lots of affinities want their name with

suggestion :  get your group to print up some simple half page fliers - maybe add a line or two about your voice joining with neighbors etc - Malik Rahim message

The people that actually brought Rahim to Oregon during this Federal Occupation will be calling the shots

Glen Owen's role is just to be sure as he can that at least most of the critical bases with respect to administration of the Tuesday Evening Personal Appearance will be covered in decently good time

I am not actually publishing my personal phone number here directly, but i can assure everybody that it is hardly a closely guarded secret


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