Monday, August 9, 2010

glen owen candidate statement to at 16h57 frl jul 30th 2010

glen owen candidate statement for kboo election cycle ending sun sep 19th 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010 4:57 PM

"erin brand"

    candidates statement

    glen owen hereby declares his candidacy for a seat on kboo board of directors in the election whose vote count is slated for 2010 09 19 sun

    scan of kboo membership card containing member number and renewal date, and also of oregon voter notification card, attached to this email posted to "erin brand" <>

    i am a natural born (by means of caesarean section) citizen of the united states of america and hold no travel document from any other internationally recognized issuing authority

    the questionnaire for directors of non-profit corporation applying for fcc license for noncommercial station provided by a partnership of professional corporations would seem to apply only after a candidate has accepted an offer of a seat on kboo board and validation by federal communications commission has been requested by existing kboo board. in any event, nothing asked in the related form would disqualify me from accepting a seat if offered


    why i want to be on the kboo board : to counter escalating assault on civil liberties as favored by kboo's existing self-appointed, self perpetuating, oligarchy of fake "progressiveness" etc

    knowledge base and skill set :

    --- economics degree from same school as catherine austin fitts and stephen lendman : wharton - university of pennsylvania (not penn state, though u of p usually does field pretty mean basketball teams)
    --- formerly two term president of mensa seattle and national award winning editor in chief of its monthly print 'zine, ToteMs
    --- management consultant, arthur andersen consulting 1975-1981
    --- banished from kboo premises 2005 11 21 mon to the present : this distinction displayed publicly as a badge of honor (see public posting of related rap sheet on portland indymendia, if you can find it using their pitiful excuse for an internal search facility)
    --- owner (technically leaseholder) of internet domains :,,,, and
    --- provider of 24/7/365 archive of all kboo 90.7 fm broadcasts from sat aug 1st 2009 to the present :
    --- if you want to know what i think about stuff that i think matters, check out james evan pilato's site :
    --- i don't really want to sit kboo board. if so appointed and confirmed, however, i hereby commit to serve a minimum of one year with a sixty day ~force majeure~ escape clause
    --- i don't really give a damn about what you say about me as long as you say a lot of it and very loud

    ~ glen owen ~ 503 287 3473
    16h59 pdt friday july 30th 2010

    word count per :427

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