Wednesday, August 11, 2010

kathy leonard-bushman candidate statement to 15h30 fri jul 30th

From: Kathy Leonard-Bushman <>
Date: Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 3:30 PM
Subject: My candidate statement

I know KBOO provides a community service, but where KBOO is now good, I would like to see its potential for greatness achieved.  KBOO is the ONLY local station where the members - at least theoretically - are in control; for that reason I want to elicit more member input.  IMO, members shouldn't be periodically asked only for their money; I believe you members should be asked for your preferences and your ideas.   I would like to see KBOO's members polled - so that we know which current shows members enjoy the most, whether you would like to see new program hosts, whether you would like more talk, more music,  or perhaps a little political satire? - I would also like to know which issues most concern you at this time: the war, the economy, the environment, or ______(write in your own personal hot button issue)?
The current board can't seem to identify the problem which has resulted in falling membership and lagging fund-raising efforts, but they seem awfully busy trying to figure out who to blame.  At the last board meeting, Alan Graf, was blamed for KBOO's problems , because of Alan's recent post to PortlandIndyMedia!?  At the same meeting an elected, but unseated, board member was blamed for costing KBOO money, but this same person, at one time, initiated a very successful fund raiser in the Corvallis area which netted KBOO's general fund $5,000 and $15,000 for a translator to boost Portland's signal for Corvallis residents. Even volunteers don't seem to meet board standards, as more than a few have been precipitously banned over the last couple of years - often without benefit of a single warning prior to their banishment.  I guess volunteers hoping for a little respect and appreciation for their work, had better be limber enough to pat themselves on the back.  ;-)

IMO, a board which seems to be on the defensive does not need more authority such as their proposed new bylaws would give them, but I think the Board may need to take a more positive view of constructive criticism so that KBOO can improve upon its service to the community.  It is my strong conviction that members who give of their money, and volunteers who give of their time should be appreciated - even when they are not in total agreement with the board or staff.
I am working with other members on a set of bylaws to counter that of the board's, with the hopes of retaining the current status of members and volunteers - in order to keep the "community" in KBOO Radio.
I am a former Social Worker (I worked with the homeless), a citizen of the United States, a Board Member of the Oregon Consumer League, and a KBOO member renewal date 7-30-2011. I am now retired, but write an occasional article for OpEdNews; I am also a member of the Eastside Democratic Club (a non-partisan group), and I am an involved citizen on issues of peace and justice.

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    According to the recent manager, the November
    membership drops by 40% in the following 9-10 months - that's an amazing stat, but according to KBOO's Board it's every one's fault but their own. They're so busy trying to fix blame for declining membership and weak fund raising efforts, they're beginning to look a bit desperate - all the while they have made it painfully obvious that they would prefer to stifle member input. I had already begun to suspect that no one should take the "community" in KBOO Community Radio very seriously - that the use of that word is just PR, but something happened recently to confirm my worst suspicion. I wasn't too surprised that Alan Graf was blamed at the last board meeting for letting the cat out of the bag about Becky Chao's conflict of interest; Alan is no longer a Portland resident so he made an easy scapegoat in spite of all Alan's past work to better our Portland community. I was more surprised and shocked by the Board's reaction when involved members sought to have more input into their media outlet by means of a petition signed by 30+ members. We members were told by a Board member that we are a bunch of "self-absorbed/centered divas, malignant narcissists, megalomaniacs" for submitting that petition. Given KBOO's attitude towards its members, I would expect that in the next 9 months, KBOO's membership & fundraising efforts will continue to wither on the vine.