Monday, August 9, 2010 asks for resubmit of some candidates' statements

request from for resubmission appears below
glen owen's candidate statement appears in posting immediatiely above this one on this blog (which is not in any way institutionally affiliated with nor with

Fwd: Urgent! Board Candidate Confusion

Monday, August 9, 2010 9:56 PM
"Glen O"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: erin b <>
Date: Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 2:01 PM
Subject: Urgent! Board Candidate Confusion
Hi all,
Confusing things have been going on and my stress level is pretty extreme, but hopefully this can all be sorted out. I've never been aware of previous trouble with my KBOO email account (which forwards to my Yahoo account), but there is overwhelming evidence that there was some sort of lapse on the deadline day for candidates. (the worst possible time, in my opinion). I want to make sure we have a robust slate of candidates as well as strict adherence to the timelines set forth in our bylaws regarding election of Board members and the annual meeting.
I need candidate's statements from those that tried to apply and I never received your statement and application. We need to get the ballot to the printer first thing Tuesday morning so I need them no later than Monday night, so I can format everything. Please forward the original email you sent by the deadline so I can confirm that it was sent on time.
Here is the list of candidates that I have or am aware of their intention to declare. Please look for your name and see if there is anything more you need to do.
Chris Andreae - I have everything.
Deena Barnwell - I have everything.
Eric Chase - I have everything.
Scott Forrester - I need you to cut and paste your statement into the body of an email, my computer would not open the attachment you sent.
J.G. (Joey G.) - I have everything.
Keller Henry - I have everything.
Kathy Leonard-Bushman - I have everything.
Yvette Maranowski -  I need you to cut and paste your statement into the body of an email, my computer would not open the attachment you sent.
Glen Owen - I've heard his name thrown around as a candidate but have received nothing from him. I also don't have his email address. Not sure how to contact him, if someone does, please forward this email.
Devin Russo - I have everything.
Paula Small - I have not received anything from you, but Kurt told me that you had tried to submit something to me.
Bryan Stevens - I have everything.
I have no idea why some emails made it to me on July 30th, while others using the same address did not. Please reply to me using my yahoo account, so that we can prevent this further lapses in the electronic world. If anyone is aware of someone that tried to apply and their name is not on the above list, please have them contact me, ASAP.
I was hoping that we would have a smooth election process this year, for my sanity as well as everyone else. Many apologies for this confusion. In my Nominating Committee designee role I am a stickler for the bylaws, thus the refusal to accept applications after the deadline. We also have bylaws regarding when the ballot goes out, thus the printing deadline.
I will be a hawk over my email for the next day and a half so please contact me as soon as possible. I will send out more information about the election and the proposed bylaw changes once I have collected all of the statements.
Thanks for your interest in running for the board, I'm enthusiastic about having such a large pool of candidates. I hope this has helped clarify things and once again apologize for the mess.
---Erin Brand

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