Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KBOO.INFO : JTTF-PDX Human Rights Committee smiling through FBI Christmas Tree Caper

pdxWeAreChange video bytes  = 1 =  and  = 2 =  of public citizen testimony before Human Rights Committee Thu Feb 3rd 2011 in Portland Oregon City Council Chamber

 TalkREAL  radio you won't hear on  Kboo.FM 

WhatReallyHappened.com   Tue Feb 8th 2011  94m14s  mp3  dialup friendly 32mo22  21.5mb
iPhone Catholic app, Mubarak + Obama, Dissent in Egypt/Gulf, Ireland bonds, U.S. economic indicators and energy issues, CIA, Super Bowl + Gov. waste 

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KBOO.INFO news public affairs Fifth Anniversary
KBOO.INFO news public affairs 5th anniversary : 2006-2011
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