Monday, February 14, 2011

KBOO.INFO : Valentines Day is for everybody

Today it's for Everybody!   video   commentary

In this  video  pdxWeAreChange receives US Ambassador to the UN and Israeli apologist Susan Rice with unscheduled free speech demonstration outside First Congregational Church in downtown Portland 7pm Fri Feb 11th 2011 
Nine local representatives for We Are Change were the only protesters at this propaganda putsch by Corporate Democratic party hack, Rice, 46

Bouquets by the bucket Mon Feb 14th 2011 from Michael Rivero of
dialup friendly mp3   94m51s   32mo22  21mb  plus  breaking news RBN slideshow
More on Egypt, Mubarak, the CIA and the spread of revolt throughout the region
DHS, the White House, Israel, and dealing with protest in the U.S.
Farms, the FED, IMF and other economic issues within the U.S. 

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