Thursday, February 3, 2011

KBOO.iNFO : New World Next Week : What Really Happened

 NewsREAL  you won't hear on  Kboo.FM weekly video Thu Feb 3rd 2011 by Portland Oregon based James Evan Pilato of partnered with Canadian James Corbett reporting from western Japan on   Michael Rivero   Thu Feb 3rd 2011   92m46s  mp3  32mo22  21mb

The Progressive Radio News Hour

Phyllis Bennis is a noted Middle East expert and author of numerous books on Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, the UN, and America's quest for world dominance.   She's also a distinguished fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and the Transnational Institute where she specializes in Middle East and UN issues.   Current Middle East issues will be discussed.

KBOO.INFO news public affairs Fifth Anniversary
KBOO.INFO news public affairs 5th anniversary : 2006-2011
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